-ECIS logoECIS, Quality Evaluation in Simultaneous Interpreting


The following research projects are also participated by members of ECIS:

  QINV: Calidad de la Interpretación y Aspectos No Verbales-
PI: E. Macarena Pradas Macías, University of Granada, Spain
- -
  SHIFT in Orality SHaping the Interpreters of the Future and of Today-
PI: Félix San Vicente, University of Bologna, Italy

Other projects devoted to interpreting quality are:

  Qualitas: Assessing Legal Interpreting Quality through Testing and Certification-
PI: Cynthia Giambruno, University of Alicante, Spain
- -
  QuaSI: Quality in Simultaneous Interpreting-
PI: Franz Pöchhacker, University of Vienna, Austria

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